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VTiger form for lead generation

Today I had the problem of having to create a form for leads for my website. Using the native functions of VTiger the form was saved correctly, but the fields were not present. I have installed the version 6.4 Searching … Continue reading

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Vtiger Customer Portal

 Today I had to set up the Customer Portal module of VTiger on my website, in the part related to crm, but did not know where to begin. Searching the net I found this interesting link which explains how to … Continue reading

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Show query result in more rows

 Every time we execute a mysql query in a table with mor fields or a query with few join, we have the problem to show the result because it appears in one single line and it is difficult to read … Continue reading

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Include js file into another js file

In the last days I had a big problem: how I can include a javascript file into another javascript file without use the tag script? Searching on Google I have found the answer to my problem with this simple javascript … Continue reading

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Php tools

Last days I searched on the web a place where I find simple help to common problems with php tools. The search game me this site: Here you can find more information and example about php and Apache. It … Continue reading

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Enable usb devices on VirtualBox

Last days I had  big problem: active the usb on VirtulBox un Ubuntu 10.04. The first idea was to recompile the kernel, but my friend ( a very strong linux system administrator, here his linkedin profile) suggest me to use … Continue reading

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Align list item to the left in unordered list

During last days I need to find a solution to align the unsorted list <ul> to align to left. In all browsers the problem is you see space in the left side of the list, so I need a solution … Continue reading

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